Montgomery Voice

At Montgomery Voice Studio, we are passionate about singing and singers! The mother/daughter team are both accomplished professionals whose combined experience spans the singing world, from the strict academia of opera to the underbelly of touring rock music. If you want to know what it takes to solo with a symphony, sing in a Broadway musical, live as a touring musician or make studio records, they’ve done it and can teach you how! 


voice lessons


1. Learn proper diaphragmatic breath support

2. Build tone, resonance and projection

3. Increase range, stamina, flexibility and control

4. Reduce tension and fatigue

5. Find your authentic, free voice


Coaching also includes:

1. Building repertoire

2. Song and performance development

3. Live performance and recording opportunities






Traditional note reading: 

1. Learn scales, chords and music theory

2. Learn note reading through James Bastien learning series books


Nontraditional/pop piano

1. Learn scales, chords and music theory

2. Understand the circle of 5ths

3. Learn chord chart reading and writing

4. Ear-training, transcribing and transposition






1.  Learn how song is crafted and the tools they can use to express their ideas effectively

2. Learn how to draw stories from daily life

3. Understand song structure, the importance of song premise, choosing the right title and use of vivid imagery,

4. Learn rhyme and meter and use of devices

5. Learn melodic arc, harmonic structure and an understanding of basic music theory.